Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have a friend who delicately described my blog updates as infrequent, and he's spot on the money. My current excuse is that I'm working hard, and finally (FINALLY) graduating from Art Center, and generally just having a busy semester. To wit, so far a delivery van hit my car, I found a stray dog, and I managed to get myself sick and run up a 103 temp fever. Whoo! Despite all this, it'll all be over in one short month.

If anyone is in the area, Art Center's grad show takes place on Friday, Dec. 11th from 7-10. Come up and visit if you can! All of my fellow graduates are super talented and it should be a great showcase! Here's a teaser image from the upcoming grad show:


Firefly said...

well done!

Rona said...


Anonymous said...

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Anna See said...

you went MIA....miss you Traci! :)

Giuseppe Bianco said...

Is this inspired by The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman? What an amazing piece of art. I love it!

Christina said...

TRACCIIIIII, it's Chris! There's like nothing on my blog right now and I think I'll be rambling more on me blog than post drawings..
How you doing?

aisha said...
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aisha said...

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